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500 graves sold church to church EWING Five hundred graves at Ewing Church Cemetery are being sold by First Presbyterian Church of Ewing to St. John's Baptist Church, also in Ewing, for $250,000. Lawrence Nikola, president of Memorial Properties in Marlboro, which brokered the deal, said the 500 graves are located in an undeveloped section of the cemetery near Mercer Airport. "It's an open field," he said yesterday. The $500 pricetag per grave reflects a bulk sale, Nikola said, because each single plot, which allows only one interment, would cost $1,200 if sold separately. "Memorial Properties is a cemetery management company," Nikola noted. "We were hired four years ago by First Presbyterian Church of Ewing to find a buyer for 500 graves." Nicola said purchasing the cemetery plots gives St. John's Baptist Church "a right to interment," but the land is still owned and maintained by First Presbyterian Church. Frances Thompson, church clerk and secretary for St. John's Baptist, said $500 per grave "was a good investment for our parishioners." Memorial Properties has brokered at least one other large scale grave sale for the First Presbyterian Church, according to Bob Kull, who is president of the church's board of trustees. About two years ago, 2,000 graves were sold to a Chinese organization through Memorial Properties, Kull said. Kull said he did not know the sale price for that larger parcel of graves. If they were sold for $500 each, the deal meant a cool $1 million to the First Presbyterian Church minus a broker's commission.

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